Privacy policy

Scientific Journals publishing house strives to protect high standards of ethics concerning public disclosure of research results and takes all possible measures to prevent any illegal publications. For this purpose, the author, per the terms and conditions of the agreement, transfers part of the copyright to their intellectual property.

The authors agree to the specified terms and conditions regarding the definition and protection of copyright, which will apply to the submitted manuscripts subsequently to the publication of the material on the pages of the journal. It follows from the submission of the article that the material submitted for consideration has not been published before (except for the material that is part of the already defended dissertation) and is not under consideration in other journals. The article is published by common consent of all the authors of the manuscript, and if it is accepted for publication, it will not be published in another journal in the same form, in English, or any other languages, without the written consent of the publisher.

The editorial board reserves the right to compress and slightly edit the content of the articles, while preserving the main conclusions and author's writing style.