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The Scientific Journals Publishing House has been established by specialists in scientific publications and scientific consulting. For more than 5 years, the team has been improving its scientific and scientometric expertise. In its activities, the company has laid down the principles of professionalism, honesty, and respect when interacting with customers and partners.

An absolute priority in the professional activity of the publishing house is to provide high-quality services in the field of printing and publishing.

The company's goal is to provide a perspective for the development of journals in the international academia.

What is the competition basis of the publishing house?

  • Publishing house organises full support of scientific journals during their indexation in the international scientometric databases of Scopus, Web of Science, etc.
  • Establishment and optimisation of the internal publication activity of the journal.
  • The company's specialists introduce and apply the state-of-the-art tools, and configure the publication planning system that meets international standards.

Execution strategy

The team of the Scientific Journals Publishing House understands the current realities faced by universities and scientific institutions. This is a necessity:

  • to develop systems of education, science, and scientometrics;
  • to publish studies in international abstract databases as both an independent researcher and an entire organisation;
  • to raise ratings;
  • to ensure stable publishing processes in the journal of the institution;
  • to use specialised management systems for peer review;
  • to develop and model issues of scientific journals for publication and much more.

Together with Scientific Journals, the editors of the journals will overcome all challenges and reach a new level in research and publishing development.


Unique journal support system

The Publishing House has created its unique system of journal support, which comprises developed methods and established mechanisms of the publishing process. It has been developed by experts in scientometrics and scientific publications, who offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for each partner organisation.

What are the stages of cooperation with the company?

  • comprehensive audit of journals;
  • practical recommendations for preparing journals for inclusion in international databases, namely Scopus and Web of Science;
  • identification and design of the development strategy for scientific journals based on the data gathered and generally accepted international norms of publication ethics;
  • implementation of tools selected;
  • improvement of the quality of scientific journals, considering current international standards and requirements for scientific periodicals;
  • development and support of scientific journals at all stages to effectively achieve the goals set;
  • use of tools for monitoring and regular control of strategy progress;
  • adjustment of the strategy based on the information received, introduction of changes corresponding to the market dynamics.

Indexing a journal in international scientometric platforms is an important step for each publication, which requires great responsibility and understanding of all relevant processes from the editorial board. Today, the solution to this problem is cooperation with the Scientific Journals Publishing House. This is the first research and publication project in Ukraine and the CIS countries, which offers the design of strategic development stages for scientific journals, ensuring their successful inclusion in international scientometric databases (Scopus, Web of Science, etc.).

Thanks to the experience and qualifications of the Publishing House's professionals, we can confidently assure you of the quality of services they render and guarantee their implementation.

The Scientific Journals' team organises full support of some Ukrainian journals from the List of Scientific Professional Journals of Ukraine of Category A and B in various areas. You can view the List by following this link.

Видавничий дім «Наукові журнали». Просування видання в Scopus і Web of Science

If you are interested in cooperation with the Scientific Journals Publishing House, please reach out to us via email: Our specialists will get back to you within a business day.